DJ Banano

VIP Events - Audio & Visual Equipment Rental

About The DJ Artist

DJ Banano has been spinning records for more than 10 years, earning his place as a well-known, likeable public figure. The journey started many years ago working in many night clubs throughout the KC Metro area and out as far as Chicago, Topeka, and touring in other states. His "always positive" attitude rubs off and brightens up any party as he interacts with his audience to pump up the crowd. It's no wonder why he is highly recommended over and over again. Speaking of which, the other main reason people book him is for the quality of equipment he has managed to acquire throughout the years; Sound so good that it's guarranteed to please any event, indoor or outdoor, small or BIG! What more can you ask for? TV screens and a beautiful light show and fog? Well... he's got that too! Follow him on Facebook to check out some videos which illustrate the quality of shows you can expect to get. You will be pleased that you booked a great DJ and got your money's worth!

DJ Banano

What Do You Rent?

High quality audio, visual, and moving lights which can include the following: Aerial speakers (amplified), Subwoofers (amplified), Wireless Microphones, Smart TV's, Moving Lights with GOBO (designs), Mixer, DJ Controllers.

What If I Don't Know How To Set Up The Equipment?

If you need assistance setting up Audio and Visual equipment, please let us know, we can help! We can even help set up equipment that you own.

What Do You Charge For Your Services and Rental?

Please contact us, the price will vary, depending on your needs. Not everyone has the same needs. We have customers that want a simple setup and then we have other that want a complete package. We cater to everyone!

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